About SSBK

Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra (SSBK) is a non profit, Spiritual and a Social Service Center. The organization has been performing many social and spiritual activities for more than 10 years. It was established by the Grace of Sri Shirdi Saibaba on 30th March 2004, on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami.

Apart from this, the organization is conducting Free Homeopathy Medical Camps, Music Classes, Dance Classes and propagating ‘Om Narayana Kriya’, Agni-Hotra and Scientific Analysis on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and Mudra Therapy.

The organization is in the process of starting Free Old Age home and Orphanage, apart from this Biksha Kendra is also coming up with a Community hall and Datta Sai Mandir. The main intention of the organization is to spread Hindu Sanathana Culture (Dharma), educating the society through proper samskara (culture) and preventing corruption, drug addiction and ongoing crimes in the society. Creating awareness about the True Indian culture – which portrays respect to the elders, respect to the society, respect all religion & dharma, respect to all Human beings and Animal beings.

SSBK follows Natha Sampradaya (Dattathreya Sampradaya), ever since its inception, the organization is celebrating Guru – Poornima & Datta – Jayanthi for the welfare of the Universe.

Objective of SSBK

The present world is sufferings from the evil activities of Kali, especially the youngsters who are stepping into the wrong path, which further leads them to be criminals, terrorists, naxalites etc; Hence our kendras main motto is to enlighten the youth to get the right and positive attitude towards life and make the society to be on the path of Sanathana Dharma based on Babas philosophy which is from Datta parampara (Sidda padhati)

Purpose of the SSBK

Dharma (life procedure) is the main tool which has been gifted by our RISHIS from the ancient times .The modern materialistic life is modifying the human beings to be selfish, bureaucratic and uncultured behavior. Therefore, the purpose of our kendra is to make people get awareness towards Religion, State and Nation.